Friday, February 12, 2010

Red Wing

This winter has been pretty ridiculous across the entire country - there's snow on the ground in 49 states right now (but not here, thank goodness). We're expecting yet another week of below-average temperatures here in Tampa, ushered in by a very rainy, windy, and chilly day today. 

When I looked out the window this afternoon, there seemed to be nothing but gray, gray, gray to see. Then, on the feeder, was that familiar flash of red - a cardinal dropping by to brighten up the afternoon.

A picture through the window screen never turns out well, but the flash of color is still evident. I'm so grateful for visitors like this who help keep My Florida Backyard cheerful when the weather is dismal!


  1. I agree that this winter has been pretty ridiculous. I'm tired of gray, windy, cold days. Your cardinal is a cheery sight on just such a day. I love my cardinal pair that have been regulars at my feeder.

  2. The cardinals are a bright spot during a winter day. We've got a couple of pairs that visit regularly.