Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just a Little Sunshine

The Yellowtop (Flaveria linearis) is finally beginning to bloom! This is one of the plants we bought back in April at All Native Garden Center in Fort Myers, and we're so pleased to finally see the flowers. They're not showy, but we were told that butterflies love it, so we look forward to seeing if this is true.

Speaking of buying plants, we went to the USF Butterfly, Herb, and Native Plant Sale last weekend and picked up a few new residents for My Florida Backyard... look for a post on them soon!


  1. I missed the USF plant sale,and will miss the one in July,as well,as we'll be out of town.But I love those sales.Great treasures to be found.
    The next time we're in Ft Myers,I must check out that nursery.I love the Yellowtop.

  2. I love the yellowtop plant. It kinda reminds me of thryallis. The foliage has a nice green-yellow color, too. I am staying tuned to see what treasures you bought at USF>

  3. That is an interesting native plant. Enjoyed the link you provided with the info on it. Sounds like it will return after winter and reseed so you will get more yellowtop. Can't wait to see your most recent purchases.