Sunday, February 27, 2011


We're "transplants" from up north here in My Florida Backyard, and very happy ones at that. Anytime anyone from up north asks us if we don't "miss how beautiful the snow is", we just laugh and laugh and laugh. The only thing we miss about snow is snow days, and since adults rarely get to enjoy those, we'd be just fine without experiencing snow ever again.

Snow peas, on the other hand, are very welcome in My Florida Backyard's little raised vegetable garden. This is the first year we've tried growing any food for humans - we've always focused on food for wildlife in the past - and we picked some fairly easy vegetables to get started. Peas are a cool-season vegetable, so we started ours about five weeks ago in mid-January. We choose a dwarf variety from Burpee called Snowbird, since there's not much room for unruly plants in the raised bed. They're just starting to flower now, and we have a feeling we may enjoy these beautiful blooms even more than the pea pods that will follow!

It almost seems a shame that these delicate little blooms will have to fall off so the peas can start to form. We'll enjoy them while they're here though, as the only kind of snow we ever really need in My Florida Backyard.

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