Saturday, May 28, 2011

White Lightning

Though My Florida Backyard hasn't seen rain in several weeks, there has been rain in the area, taunting us from a distance. The other night, a line of storms about twenty miles away to the east gave us a spectacular light show. Starting around dusk, and continuing for at least an hour, the massive clouds were nearly constantly aglow with electricity; at the peak, we estimated 50 to 100 flashes per minute. Though it takes a better camera than the one we have to truly get good lightning pictures, we gave it a shot, and got a few we thought worth sharing.

The storms were so far we away that we heard only the very faintest rumbles of thunder from time to time, and mostly the show unfolded in the quiet of a summer evening. We only hope that future storms come a little closer and bring us the rain that My Florida Backyard so desperately needs.


  1. How beautiful those lightning filled clouds are. We have been hearing thunder from afar here too. Maybe the rain will reach you and me both before the weekend is over. Here's hoping!

  2. FloridaGirl, very cool photos, and I think your camera did fine. Very entertaining. BTW, that rain wasn't falling on my garden either. It looked like it rained to the east of us last evening - all black sky, ya know. Your clouds are much prettier.

  3. Fabulous photos! We got 1/2 an inch just the other night and were so grateful! Hope some raindrops make their way to you!

  4. Wow, those are fantastic shots, and the only way I like to see lightening, from a distance. :-)

    Have a nice holiday ~ FlowerLady

  5. Beautiful shots was at a distance for us too. I see "isolated thunder storms" on the weather forecast and hope that we will get one. So luck.

    I need to do some catching up on this blog. Glad to see that all is well with you FloridaGirl.