Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purple and Gold

Northern autumns mean colored leaves blazing the hillsides. Here in Florida, autumn comes in with plenty of color too, and the height of it is just beginning. My Florida Backyard is full of the purples and golds right now that make a Florida autumn special.

The muhly grass (oh, the muhly grass!) is at its peak right now. We write about it every year, because we wait for it and love it just as much every year. What an amazing native grass!

The Winter Cassia (Cassia bicapsularis) is beginning to bloom too. After spending the summer being visited by bright yellow sulphur butterflies to lay eggs, the cassia seems to takes its inspiration from them, putting forth gorgeous gold flowers that will turn the caterpillars a brilliant yellow as the fall progresses.

There are plenty of other fall colors around the yard (Beautyberry and Carolina aster to name a few), but they'll have to wait for another post, because the purple and gold of the muhly and the cassia are all we really seem to need today.


  1. I love Muhly grass too, planted it for the first time this year and can't wait for it to look like yours, it's dreamy. Believe it or not, I bought mine from Lowe's, I hope they have it again next year because I want more!

  2. The Muhly looks fantastic! It certainly makes a statement in your garden. The Cassia flowers are lovely too. My favourite photo is definitely the shot of them both with the water in the background!