Monday, March 12, 2012


My Facebook feed informs me that today, March 12, is "Plant a Flower Day". There's no indication who might have invented or declared such a day, or why they would have picked a day in early March when at least half the country couldn't possibly plant anything in their cold cold soil, but we celebrated it anyway. We happened to have a plant sitting around waiting to be planted, so that worked out nicely, and our new Salvia greggii 'Ultraviolet' now has a home.

Not very exciting, right? Ah, but the picture from the Park Seed catalog will change your mind for sure. Take a look...

How amazing is that? The plant that arrived from Park Seed was well-packed and very healthy, so within a few weeks we expect to see our first blooms (and we'll share them with you, of course). When you're obsessed with salvia (and we confess that we are) finding a new one to add to the garden makes 'Plant a Flower Day' worth celebrating indeed!

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