Sunday, April 8, 2012

Always Spring

Just when we thought summer weather had arrived for good, spring came back again! Cool nights, soft breezes, and sunshine that's warm on your back instead of making you sweat... these are the days we love in My Florida Backyard. We've even had a few good rains over the last couple of weeks, so the the gardens are blooming and thriving.

With spring comes the amazing scent of Confederate Jasmine in bloom (Trachelospermum jasminoides). The vines along the north side of the house have prospered amazingly over the last four years, filling in the latticework to provide a living privacy screen just as we hoped it would.

Our jasmine perfumes the whole neighborhood when it's in bloom, and my only regret is that it doesn't last longer. Still, the shiny leaves are attractive year-round, and the nearby Coral Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) has spread over the latticework too, making a really nice mix.

We've even had the gift of a hummingbird over the last few days, though we haven't managed to snap any pictures. She's been enjoying the honeysuckle and mexican sage (Salvia leucantha). Fingers crossed that we may get a picture or two before she continues her migration to the north. As for us, we're staying right here in My Florida Backyard, where we hope spring lasts and lasts and lasts.


  1. Lovely pics Jill. What are the purple blooms in the first picture. They are so vibrant.

    I look forward to confederate jasmine's blooming every spring. I love the blooms and the scent. I'm going to see if I can root some cuttings. Have you tried to do that yet?

    Have a lovely Easter.


    1. Flower Lady - That is my hometown favorite, Tampa Mock Vervain. More here:

  2. That Jasmine looks absolutely superb, and I can just imagine how intoxicating the perfume is. It's certainly looking fantastic spreading out through the lattice. Lucky you spotting a hummingbird too! Loving your Spring garden. Enjoy the lovely cooler weather while it lasts.

  3. How wonderful that jasmine looks on your trellis. It's been so lovely out lately. Enjoy the continuation of spring!