Thursday, November 15, 2012

In Bloom

We've finally replanted the butterfly garden, and although it still really needs a new layer of mulch, at least the plants are in and doing well.

The key to a good butterfly garden is including both host plants and nectar plants. For the nectar plants, using different colors and heights is also effective, and grouping plants together in clusters of colors gives a nice aesthetic and the bugs seem to like it too. To perk up the garden for the cooler months, here are the plants we added:

Pentas lanceolata in red...

and pink.

Lavendula pinnata

And of course, plenty of milkweed, both red and yellow flowering.

It's nice to have a backyard full of color again, and on warm afternoons the butterflies are definitely enjoying it. It's good to be getting My Florida Backyard back into the swing of things again!


  1. It looks great! Enjoy your cats & butterflies!

  2. Well done! I really like the Agastache - very pretty. I'm wondering about your lavendar...I planted two and lost them...acted like an annual. Have you had success with it previously? Your butterfly garden is beautiful, and located in a perfect location for you to enjoy!

  3. Kimberly - We pretty much have to treat Lavendula as an annual in Florida; it just can't take the summer heat. It does well in the fall and winter, though, as long as you protect it from any hard freezes, and the butterflies do like it.