Monday, July 27, 2009

A Bug's Life

Somehow, I never got to participate in that classic elementary school classroom experiment: watching a caterpillar grow into a butterfly. I've been experiencing it somewhat in the butterfly garden in My Florida Backyard, but lately we've had a wasp problem. Wasps, you see, eat caterpillars. This is great in a garden where you don't want caterpillars eating your plants, but since one of the main purposes of my butterfly garden is to produce more butterflies, it's pretty frustrating to watch the wasps prowling my milkweed in search of new tasty treats.

So, following some internet directions, I found myself a jar, filled it with some milkweed leaves and a stick, and fastened some lightweight material over the top with a rubber band - voila:

That being done, I found myself a resident:

I've decided to call him Heimlich, in honor of that great Disney caterpillar. I'm going to follow his progress, and I'll keep you updated here on My Florida Backyard!

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