Wednesday, July 15, 2009

They're Laying Eggs Now

I caught this Gulf Fritillary laying eggs on the passionvine in the bright sun this morning. I love to watch a butterfly laying eggs - it's such a delicate process.

She hovers, wings fluttering, as she chooses her spot. Then she lands, and bends her abdomen to touch the leaf:

Then, a second later, she pulls away, leaving her tiny egg (yellow, in this case) behind.
Then she's off, no doubt to lay dozens more. If this little egg survives ants and wasps and other threats of nature, it will grow into a caterpillar and maybe someday become a butterfly itself. It has an awfully long way to go until then, but we'll be rooting for it here in My Florida Backyard!

See these shots and more in my Flickr Butterfly Gallery.

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