Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Florida is full of snowbirds this time of year. Some of these have gray hair and drive 35 in the passing lane, but others are actual birds, like these ring-necked ducks.

Each year, around November, various water birds start showing up on the pond in My Florida Backyard. Previous years have brought us lesser scaups and American coots, but so far this year the main visitors have been these very cool ducks.

The name seems misleading, as the ring around the beak is much more prominent, but according to WhatBird, the duck has a chestnut neck ring that gives it its name. The picture above most likely shows a breeding male and female in the back, with two nearly-grown juveniles in the front.

When you migrate, I don't know if there's any place in particular you consider "home", but I like to think these waterfowl have come home for the holidays. We certainly welcome them here in My Florida Backyard!

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