Friday, December 11, 2009

We Need a Little Christmas

As I mentioned a few months ago, meteorologists have determined this is an El Nino year. This means higher than normal rainfall for Florida, which would explain the numerous gloomy days we've been experiencing - not good for those of us who are "solar-powered". While our temperatures may not be plummeting to the hideous lows the northern states are experiencing (no temperature should ever be a single syllable), they're downright chilly for Florida, and we've all been missing the sun.

Fortunately, Christmas is fast approaching, and the world is hauling out the holly to keep our spirits from falling again. My Florida Backyard still has plenty of color, even on chilly days, and one good example is the holiday colors of my wild coffee (Psychotria nervosa).

I added this native plant to my garden in June, as a draw for songbirds and even butterflies. It has little white flowers, followed by these berries. The berries on my holly bush have been slow to turn red this year, so it's nice that the wild coffee can provide a similar color scheme in time for the holidays.

Even on gloomy days, when the world seems a little sadder and colder than normal, My Florida Backyard continues to provide comfort and joy!

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  1. I must check my coffee plant to see if it has berries on it. It has been gloomy & humid but at least our plants aren't frozen.