Sunday, July 4, 2010

America the Beautiful

With the surrounding neighborhood full of the sound of firecrackers, My Florida Backyard celebrates our country quietly, with the vivid color of flowers in bloom. Some of our plants are blooming for the first time this Fourth of July, and though they may not be red, white, or blue, their colors are better than sparklers to our eyes!

The Railroad Vine has begun to bloom:

... as well as the Canna we started from bulbs this spring:

The native Starry Rosinweed isn't showy, but bees and butterflies seem to like it:

And this Liriope muscari has shoots of flowers that look almost like fireworks shooting into the sky:

Combined with the dozens of other flowers in bloom in My Florida Backyard, these plants give us brilliant colors to enjoy even if the rain doesn't allow fireworks to fill the sky tonight. Happy Independence Day!


  1. You've got some real beauties blooming. I've never heard of the railroad vine or the starry rosinweed...both very lovely. Is the vine an annual or perennial? Happy 4th.

  2. Susan - This is the first year I've tried the vine - it's a drought-hardy perennial to zone 8a; not sure how it will fare if we have a frost. See this for more info and links:

    Happy Fourth!

  3. Happy 4th to you - belatedly. I always enjoy seeing your native plants doing so well in your garden. I see that railroad vine at the beach but haven't ever seen it in a garden setting. Yours seems to be quite happy.

  4. Beautiful celebration for the 4th! Your blooms are celebrating right along with us. I love your vine and am interested to see the pretty shoots of flowers on your liriope. Mine haven't bloomed yet. Happy 4th of July!