Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There'll Be Some Changes Made

My Florida Backyard is taking advantage of some Blogger features and making a few changes to the page. So what's new?
  • The page layout has changed a bit, with the main posts on the left and sidebar items moved to the right.
  • The background is a little fancier, and photos now have a white border to help them stand out.
  • Some of the links and information formerly found in the sidebar can now be found in the tabs across the top under the header, such as "Sites to Learn More" and "Where to Get What You Need". We'll be adding more tabs to make navigation easier, such as a list of local nurseries that My Florida Backyard likes.
Our goal is always to keep the page easy for users to read and enjoy. If you have comments about the new look, please let us know. We'll keep tinkering with it until we're happy... just like we do with the gardens in My Florida Backyard!

1 comment:

  1. FloridaGirl you through me off with your new look when I visited the other day. I really like your previous look, and like this new look as well. You definitely have a knack for creating a visually appealing blog.