Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Bitty

As the hot days of summer approached, the screen of our back porch seemed to be the hot lizard pick-up spot. If I had kids, I guess I'd have spent a lot of time saying, "Well, when a mommy lizard and a daddy lizard love each other very much..."

At any rate, it's clear the lizards went forth and multiplied. Today, when I came in from the store, I realized a tiny little lizard had come in with me. After living here several years, we've come to accept that lizards will occasionally get into your house in Florida. However, we don't really like the idea of waking up to find a lizard curled up on the pillow next to us, and besides, the cats consider lizards to be the ultimate plaything. So, we always catch them immediately and set them free outside.

This little guy was so cute, though, I had to snap a few pictures first. He was barely an inch long, with another inch worth of tail, and very eager to get as far away from me as possible. Still, I managed to catch him in the lizard-catching cup (yup, we have a cup specific to that purpose - an old plastic souvenir cup from the Toledo Mud Hens) and then grab the camera.

Check out how big his head is! Well, anyway, I set him free in My Florida Backyard, and hopefully he'll stay outside where he belongs!

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